Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet

Part 17 - Here they are! – Welcome dear visitors! – Convert them into customers and co-workers


This article makes part of a series of 20 articles.  The subject of this series is the creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business on the Internet.
In my previous article, “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 16 – Time to analyze - Measure your progress”, I have presented you three solutions, free and low-cost, to measure the results of your work.
In this article I will talk to you about your first visitors. You have to be prepared for them.

Your first visitors - Where do they come from?

Even from the first days of the beginning of your link exchange campaign, you will start receiving visitors. They will be coming to your website from the reciprocal links in the web pages of your link partners.
Also, if you have placed paid links in websites of the similar theme, more visitors will be coming from there also.
Later, when your website will be indexed and will start appearing in the listings of the Search Engines, this number of visitors will be increasing every month (assuming that you keep working with your link popularity).

Who are they?

They are people in search of your theme or a similar one (work at home jobs, home based business opportunities etc). If your link popularity is focused to websites of the same or similar theme, then most of these people, either they come from other websites that link to yours or they come from search engines, they will be interested in what you have to offer to them. Most of them are browsing your web pages for the first time. But, if you offer useful content and you add new or refresh it regularly, you will start receiving recurrent visitors. Many of them will become your clients. We will see later in this series of articles ways to bring your visitors back or profit something out of their visit to your website, even if they do not become your customers or they do not join your Network Marketing group (this profit can be their email address, subscription to your newsletter etc).

The “conversion rate”

Depending on the quality of the presentation of your offer in your home page, some of them will decide to become your customers, to “buy” the product that you advertise in your home page. In our business the product is the opportunity to create and promote a successful home based business on the Internet. Also, the Network Marketing company that you make part of has products and services that you may advertise in your web pages. There will be visitors who will decide to purchase a product or service from your company.
If you make it to refer to your company 1 out of 10 visitors, then you must be very content - 10% is a very good conversion rate.

Your first affiliates

Why did they choose you as there referrer?

There are big chances that some of your visitors, who will decide to join your Network Marketing company as your affiliates, will not even read all the context of your home page. Especially if the opportunity you are offering is free to join. But many others also, especially people who was involved in a Network Marketing opportunity online or offline previously, will be more careful. They know that joining a Network Marketing company under someone experienced referrer will contribute in their success. For this reason in your home page you must present your self as a person who knows well his job and is ready to help his co-workers to start their businesses properly. These people are to become your best co-workers, if you follow up with them properly.

What will they expect from you

Most of the people that join your Network Marketing company as your affiliates, will expect everything from you. They will expect you to tell them what to do and how to do it, in order to make money. Some of those, who didn’t read carefully the presentation of your opportunity in your home page, will expect from you to send them work to do in their home and get paid for it. Some other will start promoting their Network Marketing business without investing even a few days to get educated and fully understand how this home business is conducted online or offline. Soon they will loose their initial energy and will quit. Many others will never communicate with you or answer to your follow-up messages. A few will write to you that this business is not what they were looking for. Very few will write to you asking what is this all about, mentioning that they do not even remember joining your company. Very-very few will accuse you of spamming, since they are receiving emails from you, without even knowing who are you or what company you represent.

Do not get disappointed, THIS IS A NUMBERS GAME.

What to expect from them

Apart from these people that will join your Network Marketing company expecting to get something from nothing, there are going to be clever and hard-working people, who will become good co-workers. There are going to be people, who will become better than you are, probably without even bothering you. And there are going to be people, who will become successful with your support and guidance. These are your targets. Your job now is to show them the way, help them start promoting their home business properly and convert them to successful Network Marketers.


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